Maui Watch | A-Ron’s New Movie Reviews

Aron Medeiros gives his review of Aloha Surf for Maui Watch.

“Much of what works so well is the comedy written by Schaefer. A lot of his jokes and dialogue is made up of local slang but is still easy enough to understand. Schaefer’s comedy is brilliantly spat out through hilarious one-liners after another, as their delivered by the physical performance from Augie T.
After 27 years of stand-up comedy, it’s great to see Augie T. getting his shot at a lead comedic role in a full-length film. The world deserves to witness how funny he is – Schaefer’s film lets him do that.

The combination of Schafer’s writing and the performance from Augie T. reminded me of the films of Chris Farley. Augie plays that lovable slacker with his glory days behind him, who saves the day.”

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