Honolulu Magazine | What To Watch At HIFF

If you haven’t seen it yet, Honolulu Magazine has written a guide to what’s playing at HIFF this year. You can catch a little mention of Aloha Surf Hotel about halfway through. “Other world premieres include: Aloha Surf Hotel,  a new comedy from Maui-based director Stefan Schaefer starring Augie Tulba, just elected to the Honolulu CityContinue reading “Honolulu Magazine | What To Watch At HIFF”

Maui Watch | A-Ron’s New Movie Reviews

Aron Medeiros gives his review of Aloha Surf for Maui Watch. “Much of what works so well is the comedy written by Schaefer. A lot of his jokes and dialogue is made up of local slang but is still easy enough to understand. Schaefer’s comedy is brilliantly spat out through hilarious one-liners after another, asContinue reading “Maui Watch | A-Ron’s New Movie Reviews”