Stefan Schaefer Interview w/ David Glenn Taylor | The Voyagers Podcast

Our Director, Stefan Schaefer, sits down with David Glenn Taylor and discusses the process of writing a script and then bringing that script to life.


Infinitely curious, David has traveled the world and spent considerable time in indigenous communities in Alaska and the American Southwest. He has worked as a creative director and graphic designer in the advertising industry for over 17 years, as well as teaching Kindergarten through University, all in creative fields.

There are two major virtues of humanity that keep us moving forward as a species: Curiosity and Courage. These two work in conjunction with one another, helping to foster new ideas and see them come to life. The Voyagers that go down this path are the people who we admire and seek out. This podcast is about those people, what they are doing and how they are doing it. If you are curious and have even a little bit of courage, you will be able to relate to our guests and learn from them.

Think of it as your weekly pep talk, confidence booster and over-all kick in the pants.

Listen to the interview on Apple Podcasts or visit to hear more episodes and see additional broadcast platforms.

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